Living with Aligners

Clear Aligners are a revolutionary, yet a simple product. They are relevant for teens as well as for adults. We have seen adult patients at the age of 65 years opting for Route to Smile Clear Aligner treatment. This is something that was not so common with braces. If you’re a working individual at a corporate or a consultant travelling all month long, or a student in a school or college, Clear Aligner treatment can be tailored to meet your specific lifestyle.

As they say, the best way to get your teeth aligned is without anyone knowing about it.

Route to Smile Clear Aligners are designed to best suit your lifestyle, not to interrupt it.


We want you to live your life without worrying about how a clear aligner treatment might get in your daily life activities — because we promise you, it doesn’t! Flexibility; as it can be easily removed and worn, transparency - making it nearly invisible, and reduced clinical visits are the main highlights of Clear aligners treatment.

Here are some important points you need to know before you begin your transformative journey to a straighter, healthier smile with aligners:

Wearing Aligners for 22 hours a day

To get the best outcome, you need to wear the aligners for as long as possible, preferably for 20-22 hours per day. Each aligner moves your teeth a preset distance before you move onto the next aligner. But in order to move your teeth in the predetermined direction, your aligner needs time — and consistent pressure.


Clear aligners require no diet modifications. Just remove them before munching on your favourite food items and re-insert after rinsing your mouth. Avoid nicotine, chewing gum while you have your aligners on because it can dislodge the aligners from their place.

You can drink water and clear liquids while wearing your trays, but avoid dark beverages (coffee), too hot or too cold liquids, or alcohol as it may damage the aligners or discolor them.

Speaking carefully for the first couple of weeks

Clear Aligners, just as with any orthodontic appliance, might also affect your speech. In other words, you may develop a lisp or struggle to pronounce certain letters clearly. But this will only be for a short duration while your tongue and mouth adjust to the aligners. With some practice, you'll be able to overcome any issues you once had with speaking clearly.


Maintaining Oral Hygiene

Brush, floss and gargle with the mouthwash of your choice by simply removing your aligners and re-inserting them once you are done.

You need to clean your aligners too. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth daily) and a gentle, clear liquid soap to remove any debris or food particles that have accumulated during the day. A good time to clean your aligners is just before you put them back in your mouth, after a meal or drink. And remember to clean them morning and night during your typical oral hygiene routine. 

In case of bad breath, if there’s any unpleasant odour coming from the tray, you may want to re-examine your oral hygiene routine. Since you are required to rinse your mouth several times a day with aligners, you should actually enjoy much fresher breath than you might if you were brushing just twice daily.



While aligners do their business of aligning your teeth, you can do yours without any interruptions. Stay perked up and confident all day long at work!


You can continue to engage in any activity like yoga or sports of your choice, while wearing your Route to Smile Clear Aligners.

However, for high body contact sports, it is advisable to remove your aligners temporarily to avoid any damage.


While attending any social events, the only change you may have to make would be to remove the aligners before eating /drinking anything.

If it is a short event, you may want to leave the aligners at home, else you can use the aligner storage case to safely store the aligners.

Be it any party or a formal meeting, your aligners make sure to accentuate that lovely smile.

Your Love life

Aligners are transparent, making them nearly invisible, so there’s a good chance your partner won’t notice a thing. If you’re with someone who asks about your aligners, you can explain to them that it is much easier and more comfortable to kiss with aligners than with braces. Don’t worry, they won’t dislodge. Although, you may feel nervous for your first few kisses, but like with other things, soon you’ll get used to it. Although it may be tempting to take your aligners out, try to do so only on special occassions. Do remember that you need to keep the aligners on for as many hours as possible each day, to get the right results.


All you need to do is clean them before going to bed and you are good to go. You must wear them the whole night as continuous force is necessary for the tooth movement to occur & also it won’t interrupt your sleep cycle at all.

Route to Smile Clear Aligners are a comfortable alternative to traditional braces, and as you can see, living with aligners is easier than you might think!


Clear Aligners are a discreet and convenient way to undergo orthodontic treatment. And although you will have to make little changes in your life during your treatment, your results will make it all worthwhile. And many of your new habits, such as brushing after meals, will go on to benefit your oral health for years to come.

Choose Route to Smile Clear Aligners as your partner for a transformative journey towards a brand-new smile! Book your smile now.

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